Team Number: Team 032

School Name: Lovington High School

Area of Science: Health

Project Title: World Hunger

Definition of problem

     Every year millions of people through out the world die of hunger and starvation all due to inefficient food production, little fertile soil, or war with neighboring tribes. Some nations with the fertile soil and resources to feed their population still have a large population of starving people. The U.S. alone has almost 10 million people who go to bead hungry and starving but we do so very little to do anything about it. In most cases, the nations that possess the power to help these suffering nations supply little or no funds to these needy countries. They choose to increase the wages of their politicians who truly hold the power of the nation and never represent the true feelings of the nation. Some nations leaders choose to cause wars costing billions of dollars to fund, which could go to people who are actually suffering in their own country. So in hopes of accomplishing our project we hope to awaken the eyes of government officials who could provide more funding to help put projects that provide food for the starving

Plan for solving the problem

    We plan on solving the problem of feeding the starving by a set of mathematical equations. Each consisting of valuable information needed to produce the statistics to complete the project based on this information. Each equation will deal with a different aspect of the problem for further analysis and interpretation to achieve the goal we have set for us. This will allow organizations to put these equations to use to distribute items needed to the world.


    Food Amount

        Population X Amount of food Total Food


        Population X Amount of food X Cost of Food per person

    Cost of Food Per Person

        Food types X Cost of the food to grow/buy Population Population + growth per year – death per year

Progress made so far

     So far we have come up with our equations based on current population and the percentage that is “Starving”. We based our percentages on the U.S. Census Bureau population clock. The population clock is based on a set of mathematical equations to determine the current population in the world. We are also researching the most cost efficient transportation for the food based on what food is being transferred. We have been reading nutrition values and finding out the average calories an average person needs. We found that items like Ensure, Garbanzo beans, oatmeal, and other items are high in vitamins and nutrients.

Results expected to receive

    We expect to have a formula capable of being modified for use of distribution of food through out the world. Hopefully organizations use these formulas to help the starving nations. If successful, the world’s population would then go through a growth spurt because the death rate would have been lowered. It may also send the world into another boom and bust growth, which the world has just gone through and is beginning to recover from. We do not plan to interpret any of this into our problem though. Based on the U.S. census bureau in 2050 the world population growth will have decreased dramatically to almost the same rate as the death rate.


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    The Hunger Site December 15, 2004 07:36:32 GMT-0800

    World Hunger Notes December 11, 2004

Life Clinic 2002

Team Members: Thomason Bush, Alexander Black, and Timothy Pratt

Sponsoring teachers: James Crawford