AiS Challenge Team Interim Report

Team Number: 037

School Name: Melrose High

Area of Science: Ecology Project Title: D-B Ranch (Dee Bar Bee Ranch)

Project Purpose: Make a computer model that shows a land area (based on NM range land) that shows interactions between all major living organisms present. Weather factors will also be included. This model will allow predictions to be made about how the living organisms respond to changes in the ecosystem. It will be useful to farmers, ranchers, and research biologists.

Problem Solution: Making the Model.

Progress to Date: Determined the organisms to include in our model, researched data to show their actions and resource requirements. We have begun forming math equations to illustrate interactions. We will soon begin using star logo to model the system.

Expected Results: We expect to complete basic model that illustrates species interactions in a selected ecosystem. This model will be used to allow producers and researchers to predict changes and plan for new producton practices.

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