Team Number: 039

School Name: Melrose High

Area of Science: Physics and Computer Science

Project Title: Go with the Flow

Project Purpose:

Our project is to make a model of the traffic folw patterns in a small town. By doing this we intend to increase traffic flow efficency, reduce incidence of accidents, and determine the optimum traffic flow regulators for each major intersection.

Problem Solution:

We intend to use StarLogo to simulate flow patterns. We will us the data that we have obtained from the Portales Police Department and Highway Department to do this.

Progress To Date:

Our Super Computing Challenge team has done a lot of research since we last met at the conference in Glorietta. Since we have last seen you we have went to the ENMU campus and researched of their computers. We have also gone to the Portales Police Department and obtained a book that shows the statistical information for all of the crashes in the state of New Mexico for the year 2002. We are also gathering information from our mentors inside the local Police Department.

We have also obtained information about the roads in Portales New Mexico. We have driven these busy streets personally and have observed on many occasions people breaking the local traffic laws. The main thing that we have observed is that people are more likely to notice a traffic light that a stop sign.

Expected Results:

We expect to find the best means of providing safety and efficiency in local traffic.


Portales Police Department- 2002 Accident Report Matrix

New Mexico State Highway Department- 2000 Traffic Count Reports

New Mexico Road Atlas, BenchMark Inc.

Internet Site-