AiS Challenge Team Intrim Report

Team Number: 040

School Name: Melrose High

Area of Science: Physics Project

Title: the velocity of different objects

Project Purpose:

Our project is finding the velocity of different sizes of objects. We are going to use air and different sizes of objects to determine forces of the air. We will be calculating the trajectories of objects being fired with different variables. These variables are angled, forced, seized, and shaped. We will use computers to calculate different variables.

Problem Solution:

We are making a pneumatic-gun to determine the velocity of an object. We are going to test the velocity of different objects such as paintball and football shapes with different types of air pressers. We hope our project will go smooth.

Progress to Date:

We have researched different objects, air pressers, and the velocity of objects. We have designed the plans for our pneumatic-gun.

Expected Results: We are going to physically obtain the hard data experimentally. We will use this to make a simulation to predict further data


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