Team number- 041

School name- Melrose High School

Area of science- Physics

Project Title- Riding rails to space

Project Purpose- Our project is to figure out the feasibility of using a rail gun to put objects into space that will offer more time efficiency and save money.

Why- To allow for more launches in a shorter period of time and to save money over time.

Problem Solution- We will have to calculate the amount of power needed to move certain weights at the appropriate speed and research the velocity needed to put a payload into space. We will calculate magnetic forces, escape velocities and orbital mechanics.

Progress to Date- We have done research on the calculations needed to gain the information needed to solve our problem and past attempts and successes at building rail guns. We have also started the power point portion of our project. For example we have found orbital velocities for magnetic forces, prior rail guns and the energy requirements.

Expected Results- We expect to find the feasibility and energy needs for a rail gun to put a payload into an orbit around the earth.

Sources- www.rail, basic ways to build an electromagnet Physics textbook Electricity and Magnetism book Exploring the Universe book

Team Members: Jon Wood
Ryan Sneller
Harley Swopes
Jessica Cano
Amanda Russell
Teachers: Mrs. Raulie
Mr. Daugherty