My progress on my project is coming a long really well, and this is the progress that I have made. My project is concentrating on the fate of a Genetically Modified plant on the Natural Enviroment. I'm doing work on how to show  on what rate the plant dissapears, dominates, or stabilazes on the Natural Enviroment. This is also a part of my work plan which I have defined to help me on my project. My Genetics teacher has helped me on this and is going to continue helping me on this. Right now I'm working on trying to find which plant has the resesive or the domonant trait, and I'm also trying to find Phenotypes for the plants. These are the only plants that you can get by combining these two and all of my model is going to involve arounf it and you will see on my model:                                                                                                

               Genetically Modified (G)  Whith a Natural (N)





I'm also going to whatch a movie called The Future of Food this will help my understandings and will help me to do more work, on my project. What I intend to do is finish defining my Genetics model and to do more work on the Genetics section of my model and to begin working on Star Logo.