Team number :65
School Name: Moon Dance Home School
Area of Science: Social
Project title: World Population, what is in its future?

Problem Definition:

Many people have been worrying about the problem of over population. China has no made a law that you can only have two children. Many other countries are thinking of doing the same thing. Yet at the same time they are trying to stop war and find cures for illnesses. I could tell you why the world is over populated in one word, “technology”. It has made people live longer and better lives. More people can have children. The list is almost endless. We have a healthier population every day thanks to technology. Technology has done almost countless wonders for the worlds population, and at the bottom of that list is over population. If our medicines were not so good, we would not be so crowded. War seems to be the only thing slowing us down. And now we seem to be fighting that. The better the body armor, better tank armor, it all protects against death.

Our teams objective is to create a computerized program that will be able to show the way today’s population would look like with certain parts of history minused out. We are taking things like WWII and great sicknesses and auto accidents and we are letting the user of our program take them out of the equation or leave them in. from the deaths that were chosen not to die, they will go and reproduce. We had reproduction rates for each of our countries we will be using and we have mortality rates. These new cells will abide by these rates as will their off spring. Then once the computer reaches our time, it will display the answers. There may be multiple answers because the user may chose multiple countries.

Up to Date:

So far our team has made a preview of our program and we have written it all up in sudo code and we have worked out all of the logic for the program. We have all of the information regarding all of our chosen countries and we have a list off populations from 1950 up to 2005. we hope to start building our user inter face by end of December and have a preliminary version of our program by end of February, possibly earlier. We have decide to call it “Pop Machine 1.0.” It will be a simple program from the outside so that even to most “Computer Challenged” will be able to make good use of this program. On the inside it will be streaming with every kind of data imaginable that has to do with population and death.

Expectations of the future:

We hope to have this program be the foundation for other programs like it. Some that predict future populations and some that even predict how an illness could spread. We would like to one day build more into this program making many more variables and many more possible answers. We would like to give this program to schools for research and possibly even the school will do a study to see if our answers are near correct.

Team members: Che Lilac, Sophia O’Conner, Zach Rosenberg, Jesse Miceli