Team Number: 051 School Name: Rio Rancho High School Area of Science: Fire Evacuation Project Title: RRHS Fire Evacuation Definition of the problem: With the schools becoming more over-crowded, evacuations are becoming harder and harder. We are trying to find a way for Rio Rancho High School’s fire evacuation to be more efficient. Plan: Are plan is to have one building that is working, and then go on to all six. With in each building we have to get students out of two floors and only six doors per floor. Progress to date: We have four buildings that have the students all go to the center and then out the door. But the students are going though the walls. Results we expect: The immediate results we expect to see are ways to make Rio Rancho High School’s evacuation time faster. And are long term results is that these measure are put into place. For example, the gates that are in-between the buildings need to open at all times. Work Cited: Code Enforcement. 10 Dec 04. Emergency Drills. 10 Dec 04. Fire Evacuation Procedures. 10 Dec 04. Tosto, Paul. New MN School Fire Alarm Test Ignites Hot Debate Fire-Drill Test Has Students Stay Put. 10 Dec 04. University Safety Office Medical School Building Evacuation Procedures. 10 Dec 04.