Team 064
Shiprock High School

So far, we have investigated the life three different innocent homeless people. In addition, due to investigation, it is true that these people are homeless. But yes, they are okay and pretty healthy. On a homeless person’s daily schedule, he/she would wake up either at a nearby grocery or convenience store around 4-5am. Then they would find happiness in a giving, caring, don’t forget loving people. Although these are rare, Ben Dover is one of them. He allows them to borrow his clothes. Take showers in his bathroom. Sometimes, if he’s really happy, he would let them spend the night. In his house. In his room. On his bed. While he’s asleep. Nevertheless, of course he does not have enough room, so we have a problem. This is where our project comes in.

We have searched in the online dating section. Why would we this? Because it is obvious, these people are waiting for some company to happen in their lives. So that means that we could hook up some homeless men or women with the people that we find on the internet. This is our master plan for the sake of the homeless.

So what we would do is first gather up some people from the dating section and match them up with who we think is best for the homeless person. That is when we take out that person and send him/her to a day spa, buy him/her a new set of clothing, and ship him/her off to their new friend. That is our number one way to help these people find a roof over their heads.

That is our number one plan, if that turns out less than we expected it to, then we will go with what we people like to call a “plan B”. Therefore, you ask, “What is plan B?” Well I will tell you my friends, if we cannot find our people a place to live, then we would try to save up money by gathering up donations from the many people around our area. “What if they do not give out donations?” you might ask. Well, we are sure that they will give us donations, because these homeless annoy them for loitering around their area. So by giving donations, they will somewhat get rid of them. Therefore, with that money, we will bribe the nearest Senior citizens home to allow them to stay there every night.

Lamar Kellywood
Lyle Kelly
Marvin Redhouse
Kody Dayish
Rumeel Jim

Mrs. Noble
Mrs. Hines
Mrs. Johnson