AIDS Spreading

Team: 11


Area of Science: Biology-Virology


This disease has killed millions of people. It became known in 1982 and we now know it as AIDS. More than a half a million people are infected with the virus in the United States that causes AIDS -- HIV.

HIV has led to the death of most people in the United Stated that have contracted it. We are studying HIV and the effects it has on a population. We plan on demonstrating how in a population it will spread from one infected person.

Through research, we have found that there medicines that will slow down the effects of HIV, but there is no cure. We have also come across many home remedies and myths that many people continue to believe about cures for HIV. None have proven true.

Our resources will be from well documented sources, including but not limited to the Center for Disease Control. We will be using these statistics to develop our computational program. As we are continuing to reseach, we hope to learn even more.


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Team Members:

  Mark Cook
  Charlee Florez
  Kara Whaley
  LaNisha Moore

Sponsoring Teacher: Deborah Haggerton