Simulating mutations in the p53 gene.

Team: 15


Area of Science: Biology

Interim: Problem Definition: ?
Current research shows that the p53 gene is called a "cancer suppressor" gene. We have postulated the idea of what would happen if the gene itself mutated or better yet we wanted to simulate the probability that the gene itself would mutate.
The goal of our project is to build and utilize a custom computer program to simulate and graph mutations within the p53 gene.

Problem Solution: ?
There are three enzymes that fix codon mutations in the p53 gene. However those enzymes can "mess-up" and actually cause a mutation in the gene. The probability that those enzymes cause a codon change are 1:1000, 1:1000000, and 1:1000000000. We will use these numbers to show change in the gene over time.

Progress to Date: ?
We have currently only engaged in research. Due to the limitations of available class time and gathering of resources we have been kind of limited of what we could have had done. By mid-January we plan on having a working mathematical model and java coded program. Initially we were going to build a Starlogo model, but we couldn't find a way to map our model graphically.

Expected Results: ?
After defining our mathematical model and running the simulation we expect to map the differences of the initial gene and the simulated gene after a period of time. We hope to see how the gene will mutate.

Team Members:

  Nick Candelaria
  Levi Valdez
  Pope Gabe
  Clayton Baird

Sponsoring Teacher: Elvira Crockett