Modeling the Effects of Anaphylactic Shock

Team: 16


Area of Science: Medicine

Problem Definition:
Anaphylactic shock, sometimes called anaphylaxis, is a severe reaction of the body to outside sources. The reaction, which can result in death, can be triggered by any number of things, including milk, latex, wheat, and, one of the most common allergies, peanuts. Many people live with a life threating allergy, including people at our own school. However, education on this topic remains relatively low, meaning that many people are unaware of what can happen to someone when they experience anaphylactic shock.
Our plan thus far is to create two models, one of which will be representative of the air passages, and what happens when they begin to close during anaphylaxis. The other model will demonstrate what occurs simultaneously in the blood stream when the histamines are released and upon the injection of the adrenaline.

Progress Made so Far:
The programming so far is very primitive, so much so that as of right now, it shows results that are not entirely accurate correct. We have encountered a few problems thus far and have realized that there are many variables involved in our project. We are in the process of contacting an allergist to help us answer questions that have been generated by our beginning attempts at programming. Until we finally have contact with a doctor, begin eliminating variables and start answering questions, the process of programming is at a bit of a halt. Up to this point, there has been some progress, but no results.

The Result Possibilities:
Being as we are basing our model off of a real life situation, in which the result is known, we believe our conclusions will be very similar to the reality of what occurs during anaphylaxis. We believe the air passages will begin to close, which is the main cause of death during the reaction. Also, we believe that the histamines, after their release, will cause the shut down of the blood stream.

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Team Members:

  Kelly Dickey
  Tristan Wright
  Livingston Maclake
  Valerie Jojola
  Tess Richey

Sponsoring Teacher: Thomas Allen