Team: 17


Area of Science: Behavioral and Social Sciences


As all of you know, fires in the Bosque are very extreme and occur very easily. So, since our school is located right outside of the Bosque, we have decided to increase the speed of our evacuation in the case of a fire.
The fire that occured over the summer came very close to our school. Firefighters fought it back but if they had not been there, our school would have been burned to the ground.
It is said in the Albuquerque news paper that a fire is estimated to occur every 2-4 years. If this stat is correct then we (our school) needs a better and more efficient evacuation plan.


Our goal is to create a model of the school and of the normal speed of evacuation and find out how to make it more efficient. We are also making it so that if certain areas are blocked by a fire and prevents us from getting to the safe area, we need to find an alterinative route.

::::::::::::::::Progress To Date:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

We have the basic setup of the school model and are currently waiting for blue-prints to be digitized. We have made it so that when a fire starts, the kids escape to the safe area, but we have not added obstacles but we plan when we get back from break.

::::::::::::::::::::::EXPECTED RESULTS:::::::::::::::::::::

We hope to find a better way to evacuate our school. We also hope that the elapsed time will meet of be faster than what our school already does. We hope that our school evacuation will be safer from the regular fires in the bosque.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::TEAM MEMBERS:::::::::::::::::::::
Aaron Gjullin, Isaac Wostrel-Rubin, Ian Mcgathey, Reed Sanchez.


Micheal Martinez
Andrew Wooden
Charlie Zumilas

Team Members:

  Aaron Gjullin
  Reed Sanchez
  Isaac Rubin
  Ian McGathey

Sponsoring Teacher: Thomas Allen