Oil Consumption and Production

Team: 19


Area of Science: Enviromental, and Economical

Interim: Problem Definition:
Critics have always been skeptical of governments' drive to produce more and more oil, and their lack of concern for whether or not they will ever run out. The Earth does produce oil constantly, but it does not produce it at a fast enough rate to keep up with our drilling, and production demands. And because of such a low supply compared to the extremely high demand, the prices fluctuate, and rise to an extreme height. Since cars run on oil, and cars are the main form of transportation for most people; they just as soon stay at home rather than go out to eat, or to a movie, or things like that. This has effected businesses greatly, some for the better, and some for the worse. Our goal is to accurately model world oil problems. But more so than that, it is to try and demonstrate what is happening to the world's economy, and what is happening to the oil reserves.

Problem Solution:
There is no real solution to our problem. We can not fix the world's oil consumption problem, but we can try to find out what goes on in the world by modeling the its consumption and production information and sharing it with others.

Progress to Date:
So far we are understanding how to work the C++ compiler, and we are still creating a program to run our model. The research is going well but we need to find more reliable resources to help us find information to actually model our project.
Expected Results:
We do not expect to fix the worlds oil problems. But we want a working program that will show oil consumption in the world. Of how much oil major countries either import, export, or save in reserves. To help raise awareness of current oil status.
Team Members:
Tanner Campbell and Boe Watters
Sponsoring Teacher:
Tom Allen

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Team Members:

  Boe Watters
  Tanner Campbell

Sponsoring Teacher: Thomas Allen