Destruction from the Air

Team: 20


Area of Science: meteorology

Interim: Problem Definition:
We wish to investigate the probability of hurricane strikes over large cities. The damage resulted from these attacks, you could call them, have affected, not just the city, but the entire United States and sometimes different nations and countries. We would also wish to find out the
destruction that can sometimes be predicted. In this we mean that we would like to be able to predict the destruction resulted from the hurricane. We will use different cities and different levels of hurricane for our

Current Work:
We have used StarLogo to model the movement of the populace in various sized cities. We also gave our cities policemen and rescue workers. These people work to make the population, leave the city, or get to cellers, faster than
the population could otherwise. We have also seen what the citizens would do without law enforcement to guide them to safety. We are also using a program created by Neal Mazer.

Result Possibilities:
We think that the results in the study will show that the damage in smaller cities will effect the population more than in a larger city. This is because all the people in a smaller city do not have as much as people in say a larger city. But also, the people in a smaller city will be easier than larger cities.

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Team Members:

  Emily Mazer
  Alex Brown

Sponsoring Teacher: Thomas Allen