Balloon Fiesta Traffic

Team: 22


Area of Science: Mass Egress

Interim: Problem Definition

There is always a large amount of traffic during balloon fiesta season, causing major traffic mayhem. During the balloon fiesta over a hundred thousand people visit the park daily, so when they all leave, usually at the same time, the exits are crowded and people get aggravated easily, this could easily lead to dangerous driving situations. The balloon fiesta is a big part of New Mexican culture. We are planning to find better, more efficient routes for citizens to exit the balloon fiesta complex.
The goal of this project is to improve the outgoing traffic of the balloon fiesta park. We will need to model the park and exits on StarLogo. Using different models we will add exits and alternate routes.

Problem Solution

We will use a map of the Balloon Fiesta Park map and the people entering and exiting, to create a model on Star Logo. In the model, we will have it show alternate routes for the people to exit the premises, and how the people will follow the routes. Above all we will keep safety in mind throughout this process.

Progress to date

We have found a map of the Park, have found the points with the most congestion. We have also found the most important events and what times they begin and end, and how many people attend these events. We have started modeling our project on Star Logo.

Expected Results

After modeling our project, we expect to free up traffic conditions without sacrificing safety. We also expect that we will be able to decrease the congestion without causing very much construction or spending a substantial amount of money.

Team Members: Hannah Lester, Danielle Rabold, Nick Rienstra, and Brie Seebinger

Sponsoring Teacher: Tom Allen

Work Cited

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Team Members:

  Nicholas Rienstra
  Gabriela Seebinger
  Hannah Lester
  Danielle Rabold

Sponsoring Teacher: Thomas Allen