Heating Up Hurricane Havoc

Team: 24


Area of Science: Enviornmental Science


To show how hurricanes are formed and why the warmth of the water affects the many variables of a hurricane.

Problem Definition:

These days, the hurricanes that have been ravaging America have been unusually intense. Why is this? Scientists believe that global warming is heating up the tropical seawaters. Doing so makes it easier for harder hurricanes to form.

But does the warmth of the waters really matter when a hurricane or tropical storm is being formed? If so, global warming is partly responsible. Pollution makes the ozone layer decay and allows the suns rays to hit the water directly and heats it up more than it would normally. So the more people pollute and let deadly toxins into the air, the worse our ozone layer will become, the hotter seawaters will get.

If this isn't the work of pollution and global warming, than what is it? What is causing these deadly storms?


Is there any way that we can stop the decay of the ozone? Is it too far gone to help? What can we do to stop the disintegration process? Is there any way the ozone layer can regenerate?

How Am I going to Model This?

I am going to make a website dedicated to the forming and reasons for hurricanes. It will show how the water's temperature directly effects the making of the hurricane and what will happen if the water gets heated up to dangerous levels.


The site is still in the basic stages. The data is still in rough draft form and is waiting to be posted.

Team Members:

  Jessica Stultz

Sponsoring Teacher: Makoena Simon