How can immunization stop the spread of the Flu?

Team: 25


Area of Science: Immunization

Interim: Problem Definition:

Immunization, usually known as vaccines is used to cure the diseases. Vaccines are used only by doctors and/or people that are certified to authorize and give vaccines to people or animals that need to be given. In this project we will attempt to show how this could help people to better understand the factor in immunization. People need to be immunized because the influenza virus can be lethal if not treated. The immunization can help by killing the virus that is in the body of the human. People need to get vaccines that way they can become immune to the virus they have until the vaccine medicine wears off. Then they may either catch the virus or become sick if they come in contact, or they can understand that they may be able to get the vaccine again and get the vaccine before they catch the virus again.

The goal of this project is to demonstrate how people can be cured by the vaccines that are given to them when they are sick. The computer will make educated guesses and will help us hypothesise on what will happen next. The computer will think the same way as humans and help show what will happen.

Problem Solution:
The place we will get this information to model will be Capshaw Middle School. The computer will be in charge of making decisions to whether or not the cell catches the Flu virus, and can become immune to the virus after the body becomes sick enough to get a vaccine. Our model program will set up the virus cells in positions to where it will move at random and spread the virus. Eventually the cell will get sick enough to where they will have to turn to white and eventually die.

Progress to Date:

The presentation will show how each virus cell will walk at random and spread the sickness which then eventually will turn the cell white and then the cell will later on die off. A back round color brown will set up which signifies the human body. This holds as the Flu spread point to infect the body cells. The virus cells will start in different places every time reset and their job will be to attack healthy red cells inside the body. Each virus cells job will be to find and attack each and every red cell they come in contact with. The body will then become sick enough to where it will have to get a Flu vaccination. Which then the body will become immune to the virus and will not be able to catch the virus until the vaccination wears off. We also have a program that allows us to see and graph what's going on in the model. That way we can watch the model and look at a graph that is graphing the model. We also have a program which allows us to create a model to show how the spread of the Flu virus really works. We have created a very sophisticated way to show the spread of the Flu virus. The virus cells will be a different color then the rest of the virus cells and healthy cells that way people that are looking at the program will know which is which and not get mixed up. Eventually the virus cells will be gone off the body because it will have been given a vaccination. The vaccinations purpose is to kill and eliminate the virus cells which are killing the rest of the healthy body cells.

Expected Results:

After programing we found out that when given the Flu vaccine the virus is killed off and the person becomes immune to the virus. We also found out that the virus may escape the body and find a nother person.


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Mentor: Christopher Hoppe

Team Members:

  Reba Gunnuscio
  Andrea Lozano
  Larry Burney
  Willa James

Sponsoring Teacher: Makoena Simon