Something Fishy

Team: 26


Area of Science: Environmental Science

Interim: Objective: To demonstrate how man-made siltation and turbity in the Rio Grande affect the Silvery Minnow.

Problem Definition:
Why and how is the Silvery Minnow population becoming endangered in the Rio Grande River? At least 25 miles of the Rio Grande have dried up and that is the minnows' main habitat. Biologists think the Rio Grande is drying up because of siltation and turbidity. Biologists need to find out a way to help the Minnow population grow back to their original number. Minnows are very important to the enviornment because it is a source of food for other animals. If they can find a way to help the Minnow population get back to their original number it will save the Minnow>
Problem solution:
The goal of this project is to find out if subtle changes in the minnows' environment can keep the river from drying up and therefore save the minnow. In the simulation, "fish" will swim about and eat "larva". This would work out, but the banks of the river are also interceding on the fish and will kill them when it reaches them. Our goal is to find out if small changes such as more food, more rain, and, faster breeding can make a difference in the minnow population.

Current Work:
We are using starlogo to model how the Silvery Minnow are becoming endangered and why people should help the silvery minnow.

Future Work:
We will continue our research about how people impact the silvery minnow and their habitat. We will continue to refine the Star Logo program to reflect the silvery minnow reality in trying to survive distruction.


to fish-setup setshape fish set color cyan end to crab-setup setshape crab set color red end to unspec-setup setshape unspec set color blue end to fish-swim fd random 2 if pc-ahead = brown [ rt 180 rt random 90 lt random 90 ] fd random 2 if pc = brown [ die ] lt random 90 rt random 90 if count-crabs-here > 0 [ grab one-of-crabs-here [kill partner hatch [fd 1]]] end to crab-swim fd random 2 if pc = green [hatch[fd 1]] if pc = green [stamp blue] fd random 2 lt random 90 rt random 90 end to unspec-swim fd random 2 rt random 90 lt random 90 fd random 2 if pc = blue [stamp green] if pc = green [set color green] if pc = brown [set color brown] if pc = blue [set color blue] end

Team Members:

  Gregory Romero
  Andres Gonzales
  Nicholas Gordon

Sponsoring Teacher: Makoena Simon