The Effects of Global Warming on N.M.

Team: 29


Area of Science: earth and space science

Interim: Team: 29
School name: Chaparral high school
Area of science: Earth and space science
Project: The effects of global warming on N.M.

Global warming, the term used to describe an increase over time of the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere and oceans, that is what we as humans have proved global warming to be, however, we are trying to prove how global warming directly affects our area of New Mexico.
Our goal deals with global warming in the southern region of New Mexico. We are trying to figure out if and how global warming is affecting the temperature patterns around us, and prove that the temperature has changed as a result of global warming. Also, if there is a change in the temperature from the past few years we will be trying to see if there is a pattern or rate by which the temperature is increasing so that so that we may be able to predict how the future temperature of our region may look like.

Computer solution
While gathering our information we will also be working on a computerized model that will help us try to simulate the past and perhaps even the future temperature. To do this we will use the star logo simulating program. We will program star logo so that it will show the temperature as small squares. It will have a growth rate will be the global warming. We would figure out the rate of the growth by looking at records of weather from previous months and years and figure out the rate on a graph. We will have a ratio so that for every so temperature dots the temperature is so high. After all the programming is done we will observe the results.

Current Progress
So far we have found the rate of growth for the temperature and have sadly only been able to find one resource that will tell us the past weather for the past ten years (which is how far we have decided to look for our weather information). Although we have only found one resource we have worked with what we have, we figured out the rate of each year by getting certain temperatures from certain times of the year averaging them together, then we made a graph from all the averages from each year. Using the graph we figured out the ratio for the temperature and we have put that into the star logo program. We haven't been able to completely finish but we do have some of the star logo program finished. We are also trying to find more resources to try to verify our temperatures so that we can be sure that our simulation is as accurate as possible.

After we successfully program our star logo simulation it should give us our expected results, the simulation should show an accurate model of the past years slow temperature rise and then keep a slow steady rise to show how the future of the southern region heat in New Mexico might look. If the predictions are correct this method may be used to find out weather in other areas and it might even make weather forecast a bit more accurate also if accurate can maybe help other atmospheric matters.

Team Members: James Miller, Chris Meglorino, Miguel Favela, and Juan Solis

Sponsor: Carl Bogardes

Team Members:

  Miguel Favela
  James Miller
  Juan Solis
  Christopher Megliorino

Sponsoring Teacher: NA