Life Is A Gas

Team: 31


Area of Science: earth and space science

Interim: To help simulate our project, Life is A Gas, we are going to create a simulation that will test our theory. For this experiment we're going to use a fish tank with salt water. The water will contain as much salt in about 8 gallons of Regular Ocean or salt water. We will then get an electric air pump and put the hose in the bottom of the tank. This will represent the methane gas bubbles being released from the ground of the ocean floor. Using a plastic toy boat we can see if the buoyancy will change, making the boat sink or stay afloat. We will try this simulation a number of times to see how accurate our data will be.
After collecting all the data needed, we will strive to create a math problem that can support our data, then start forming a program in Star Logo to represent what we have learned.

Team Members:

  Stephanie Garcia
  Rafael Ojeda
  Jezheel Flores
  Lluvia Herrera
  Gabriel Ramos

Sponsoring Teacher: Carl Bogardus