Migration of Dairy Waste to Water Table

Team: 33


Area of Science: enviromental science

Interim: Problem Definition:
We are simulating the migration of waste that dairies are producing and washing into the Earth, which will seep into the water table. This will in time create a potential problem for the Clovis Region and other towns if this is not altered or stopped soon.

Solving Problem Computationally:
Anny and Andrew are using C++ and StarLogo to simulate our project. We will be using certain equations from our mentor (Sheila Newman), to get the time it will take for the chemicals to reach the water table, how much chemicals it takes, and at what rate can they seep through the Earth and cause problems of contamination to our water.

Description of Progress:
We are currently on track and Javier has gathered the information of what kind of chemicals they are putting into the feed of the cows and if they are indeed washing their waste into their fields. Andrew has now gained this information and is on his way to try and make a simulation by Java or C++, not quite sure yet. Anny is now getting our project on visual by Starlogo. Our mentor is currently trying to meet with us regularly to see what we are coming up with and it is helpful. She has given us some of the equations that will help our project.

Results we hope to get:
We hope to find out that the dairies are not causing problems with our water table because that would cause disaster. We hope that if we do find a potential problem, that it is not to late to stop it.

Team Members:

  Marcus Giannitti
  Andrew Gavere
  Anny Chen
  Javier Portillo

Sponsoring Teacher: Janelle Zamie