Team: 34


Area of Science: Physics

Interim: Problem Definition:
In our project, we are using various laws of mechanics and thermodynamics to analyze the effects of a meteor colliding with the earth. We also hope to create a working model with a variable input for the mass of the meteor. We will analyze the collision on both a mechanical perspective and an energy perspective in order to completely simulate a meteorite striking the earth.

Problem Solution:
To solve this problem, we can implement the various equations of the motion and thermodynamics of the meteor to come up with a comprehensive analyzation of the collision. Starlogo would be useful to create the model but it may not be as useful in using the equations for acceleration, the rate the meteor burns, or the force of gravity acting on the meteor.

Progress to date:
Thus far, we have the equations for the force on the meteor exerted by the earth, which we can use to model acceleration and velocity through the use of basic differential caclulus. However, we need the thermodynamics properties of a basic mostly nickel meteorite in order to formulate an equation to allow us to solve for the mass of the meteor as it heads towards earth.

Expected Results:
We expect to have at least a series of formulas implemented that will show the various mechanical and thermal properties as a function of time. A graph of these properties should also be used to show them as time progresses. We hope the have a comprehensive model as a visual aid, rather than just numbers and equations.

Team Members:

  Chris Shuster
  Ryan Hudson
  Thomas Willmon
  Rezwan Talukder
  Josh Worley

Sponsoring Teacher: Janelle Zamie