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Area of Science: Hydrology

Problem Definition: How clean is the Rio Grande. The problem is that there are to many pollutants that are in the water in the Rio Grande and to many pollutants that are in our water systems. We are going to be checking the Pollutants in the Rio Grande including how long they have been there and why they are there.
The goal of our project is to rid of these water pollutants and to solve certain problems that we have in our economy such as trash in the water the fish that are dying because of the many pollutants that are in the water in the Rio Grande, but also the water that you are drinking, and using in everyday living standards. A grid will be lined up of the Rio Grande and where the Rio Grande empties into we need a computational if possible Star Logo simulation of the process we are going to include in the equations to find out how long the pollutants have just been fermenting in the Rio Grande.
Problem Solution: The solution will be that we build a model from the data we collected based on a simulation of tests that will evaluate the pollutants that we will be examining such as how many water pollutants are in the water, why the pollutants are in their in the first place, and how long it will take the Star logo program to run a series of diagnostics tests to determine how long the pollutants will stay in the water that we drink, use, ect. This experimentation will show exactly how these pollutants will branch off into other pollutants. The other solution is that we will add a sedative/antidote into our problem to get our solution answered and solved in at least a certain time period.
Progress Data: Our group is trying to make a lot of progress. So far, we have learned about water flow, and how things are carried through the water to a certain point. Our group has met with Joseph Sterling, Associate Hydrologist with CH2MHILL. Mr. Sterling has brought in books for us to read about how different water systems work. He has also brought in an article for us to read on water movement and generalized water treatment process. The book and article are both very advanced so we are looking to our mentor Joseph Sterling for help understanding. We are also trying to get a tour of the new Albuquerque water treatment plant. So far, we have also been looking at the USGS website to look at models on similar type issues to gather data. Our group is working on a way to display water pollutants traveling through the water then the way to get rid of them. We will be using Star Logo to conclude in this process. We might have to do a 3d graph to display the information that we will be getting so that the solution will be easy to find.
Expected Results: In result to all our data collecting and researching, our group will have made a model of the pollutants flowing through water and a model to show the process of getting rid of these pollutants.
The five citations of information that I will be referring to is one - A water solution Textbook 2 my teacher in Geometry class Joe Vertrees 3. The Interim Report Guidelines 4 the other information I had gotten was from the internet you can also check out these other websites such as look under Water pollutants and it will list the Quantity of information that you will be needing for the report and for the project the last reference that I will be referring to is

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