Moon House: Lunar Boys

Team: 53


Area of Science: Energy

Interim: Darren Kartchner, Richard Haney, David Mozeley, Trevor Jordan
Manzano High School

Our project is having a solar powered house on the moon.
We are planning on having a gym, a house, and a greenhouse. Each
of these will have solar pannels on top of them to collect power
so they may run proplerly. Also we will have a battery charger
that will collect energy while we are on the side of the moon that
is facing the sun. When are house is on the side of the moon that
is not facing the sun we will draw our power off of the batteries
that have been fully charged. We will have have a water well that
is under ground that will go to the house, the gym, and greenhouse.
The three buildings will be connected with tunnels so that we may go
back and forth from buildings. The green house will be large enough
for a small forest, that will be for the oxygen that we need. The
Gymnasium will be for us to keep in shape and strong because you have
to exercise in space to keep our muscles strong from lack of gravity.

Present Progress:

We have currently done research on our project to learn how many solar pannels and batteries we need. We have asked for funds to build a solar generator that does not contain a lead based materal. Instead it contains a gell that is more durible for space use. THe generated will be used to present for our final project.


Team Members:

  Trevor Jordan
  Darren Karchner
  Richard Haney

Sponsoring Teacher: Stephen Schum