Fruit Flys

Team: 59


Area of Science: Bioligy

Interim: Melrose High School

Jessica Cano
Amanda Russell
Toby Turner
Lorenzo Lopez

Becky Raulie
Alan Daughterty

Project Description
Our project is over the breeding of fruit flys. Fruit Flies are commonly used in Biology class labs to show the principles of genetics. We will model how the traits of fruit flys and how they are passed from generation to generation. We decided to do this report on fruit flys because it's a computer model will be a faster easier and cheaper way to determine how fly traits will be inherited and how fly populations will change.
Computer Use
In our model we will have different populations of flies with unique combinations of eye color, wing shape, and body type. We are going to inter-breed them and find the traits of the resulting offspring. We will use Star Logo to make a model of our system. We will have different areas that contain the individual types of flies. We can then breed each of the flies to the others and statistically determine the off spring's characteristics. We will have the program set up to make and calculate Punnet Squares, then track and record the results. Next we will turn equal amount of the individual type of flies loose and let then enter breed randomly to determine what treats survive to show up in the long run.
Progress to Date:
We have researched and planned out how our model needs to work. We are developing the SoLo code to make our flies inter-breed
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Biology 5th edition John W. Kimball 1983 July 9, 2004 July 14,2004 December 16, 2005 December 16,2005

Team Members:

  Toby turner
  Jessica Cano
  lorenzo lopez
  Amanda Russell

Sponsoring Teacher: Rebecca Raulie