Bus Routes for Rural Schools

Team: 60


Area of Science: Mathematics

We are trying to figure out bus routes for Rural Schools. To do this we have to calculate the different efficiencies, miles traveled, bus mileage for big and small sizes of buses, and the amount of money it will cost for gas, the driver and bus to be as cheap as possible. We also need to know how many buses are going to be needed for less amoun! t of time and drivers. The less you use the more money you save on costs. With this project we hope to build a model that will be able to save money for all schools.

Are plan is to make a model using Star Logo. We will draw student houses, the school, and the roads. Using Star Logo we will use turtles to represent buses, and we will also input the different mileages, and capacity each bus will have. As the buses or turtles move we well keep track of the number of students picked up, gas used, miles driven, time taken, and how many driver hours to find the most efficient bus route for a school.

We have designed our model to be able to find the efficient bus routes, making progress with what we will do to find what we want. We have designed our project. We have interviewed bus drivers. We have found different bus comp! anies to give us prices on the buses. We have started learning how to run Star Logo to figure out the problem. Our next steps will be designing a program and get mileage, number of students, driver prices and time from bus drivers. We'll have to find a accurate map of the rural area of the to get our findings.

Our expected results are to use our computer program to find the most efficient and effective number of buses (more buses less time, but more drivers and more gas used), routes we need to take (different routes, different miles), and how to save money the best way.

Mr. Johny Beevers Personal Interview December 05.

Mrs. Sheryl Lockmiller Personal Interview November 05.


Team Members:

  Mitchum Rush
  Clint Barnard
  Laci Hand
  jordan beard
  Devon Lines

Sponsoring Teacher: Rebecca Raulie