Velocity of Different Objects

Team: 61


Area of Science: Aerodynamics

Interim: Definition of the problem:
Our project is to find the velocity and effectiveness of different paintballs and paintball guns.
We are going to use:
Three different shapes of paintballs:
One round, one bullet shaped, and one teardrop shaped.
Three different sizes of barrels:
One small (1 cm), one medium (2 cm), and one large (3 cm).
Three different p.s.i settings:
One at 25psi, one at 50psi, and one at 100psi.

Plan for using a Computer to solve the problem:
We are going to use starlogo to enter data and use the physics velocity formulas that we researched from physics books to find the range. The accuracy will be determined from the aerodynamics that we got from the NASA website. We want to find the characteristics of the possible twenty-seven combinations of traits. We are also going to use starlogo to find the best tactics for playing, when two turtles are armed with two different weapons, projectiles, and p.s.i settings.

Description of progress made to date:
We have figured out how to use starlogo when finding the tactics. We have figured the movement of turtles (aiming & being the target), firing rate, and damage (taken & produced). We are now going to continue to use starlogo to write our program to solve the entered data. We have figured out that the bigger the barrel the more damage it can do but the less shots taken. The smaller the barrel the less damage but more shots taken.

The results you expect:
We hope to find the best weapon, ammo, and p.s.i setting with our tactics from starlogo to play the best paintball match.

Five citations and research sources:

The Physics of Velocity and Aerodynamics

Team Members:

  Johnny Hail
  james bray
  Roby Northrup

Sponsoring Teacher: Rebecca Raulie