The Traveling Virus

Team: 70


Area of Science: Health and Medicine

Interim: Problem Definition: The goal of our project is to show how fast the flu can be spread throughout the school, using the program Starlogo. Each turtle will represent each stage that a person goes through when sick. There is going to be two experiments performed. One will show how fast a virus is spread when a dorm student is infected with the flu and vice versa, when a day student comes in with the flu. From these two experiments we will determine which travels faster. After finding out our results, we will begin researching why some turtles did not get infected as fast as the others did. Problem Solution: In order to solve this problem on school we will first take information down determining who has received their flu shot and other information relating to the virus. If those who have received their flu shot and got sick again, we will find out why that occurred. On Starlogo we will change the rate of how fast the virus is spread and change several turtles, showing that they have received their flu shot and did not get sick. Progress to Date: We have not been able to use the Starlogo but we were able to collect data about the flu in our school. There is a difference between the day and dorm students. We also have included the faculty and staff of the school. There are approximately two hundred students who attend the school and approximately 25 faculty and staff. We have decided on the different models we are going to use. We have created question we want to know. For example who is infected with the virus the most a day student or dorm student. Expected Results: At the end of the project we expect to have a model of how fast the flu spreads. Each model will be determined by the number of turtles and time. Each turtle will have represented different equations. For example how long does it take for ten turtles to be infected? There will also be the different equations that will include the faculty, day students and dorm students. we would like to answer our main question which is did we have to take the rest of the week off because of the flu virus. Works Cited: Kane, Connie. Personal Interview. 6 Dec. 2005. Influenza. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. November 14 , 2005 . School Health Issues: Flu Season and Schools. The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools. November 21, 2005 .

Team Members:

  Rochelle Vandever
  Raquel Hill
  Simone Iron Shell

Sponsoring Teacher: Mavis Yazzie