Team: 71


Area of Science: Engineering

Interim: Team 71
Navajo Preparatory School

Problem: We are trying to find out if the better aerodynamics of a car is the solution for increasing its speed.

Problem Solution: The car's aerodynamics shows how air flows past the car at high speeds. When a car has some resistance, it has a harder time getting to its maximum speed. I hope to find which brand name of a car would show better aerodynamics through its power. In my project the fuel of the cars' is unlimited. I am going to compare Toyota and Honda models to prove that better aerodynamics is the solution for more power. We will also be using an equation: CD x Frontal Area (sq ft) = factor # (Huryk para 4). CD is coefficient of drag and frontal area is how much area in sq feet a car has to punch a hole through the air (Huryk para 2 & 3).

We plan to model out our project using our own methods. We plan to create our own models of cars. We are planning to carve our cars and make our own runway. We will time each car design. We plan to design our carve cars very closely by comparing them to the way Toyota and Honda make their own cars. We also plan to time each car. We will make each car very similar not making one better then the other. We plan to figure our which car got more speed and took less time on each trial run. We plan to make a runway that is 20 feet long that goes in a downward slope.

We also plan to use an equation to show us what really might happen if our method in modeling our project fails. But we hope that in using our equation we hope that our modeling will stick by it. Our equation should also give us an overview on how our trials with the models will run.

Progress to Date: We plan to have gathered all our materials up before December 15, 2005. We plan to start our trial run in late December and have all our data gathered by early January. We should have all our models built and ready to test them.

Expected Results: We are hoping to find that our equations and models work side by side with each other. We also think that the better aerodynamics of the car is the more speed the car will get.

Team Members:

  lane thomas
  Myron Benally

Sponsoring Teacher: Mavis Yazzie