The Food Chain of Life

Team: 85


Area of Science: Biology

Interim: Project Objective:
To create an ultimate predator vs. prey model.

Current Work:
Using the abilities of StarLogo, I wish to push the current food chain a little bit farther than current models. My project has a plant-herbivore-carnivore relationship based off of another StarLogo program I have programmed. I have added diseases to the relationship and have watched the reactions of the different species.

Future Work:
I wish to eventually add a omnivore to the mix and watch what transpires with and additional creature. I also wish to find a balance between a disease and population to check what the maximized environment for all species involved would be.
I also want to add a meter that counts life expectancy, death rate, and other outputs.

Student: Niels van Hecke
Mentor: Gordon McDonna

Team Members:

  Niels van Hecke

Sponsoring Teacher: Anita Gerlach