The Future of Asthma

Team: 87


Area of Science: Medicine and Health

Interim: Team Number: 087
School Name: Santa Fe High School
Area of Science: Medicine and Health
Project Title: The Future of Asthma

Problem Definition:

Asthma is a chronic illness effecting many children, adults, and elders across the world. Asthma has become a serious, increasing threat to generations to come. Genetics and other factors play a key role in the probability of a person developing asthma. Many environmental and physiological stimuli, known as triggers, cause asthma attacks. Air pollution, cigarette smoke, and allergens are examples of triggers.

Problem Solution:

Using Java, the project will predict the number of people who will have asthma in seventy-five years. The project will be limited to the population of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The model will include such factors as age, pollution, genetics, and smoking (including ETS, environmental tobacco smoking). The project will reveal the factors that are the most serious, which will aid the understanding in how to lessen the threat of a person developing asthma.

Progress to Date:

Research has been done on asthma and other subjects that pertain to asthma, such as allergies and pollution. I am currently learning about Java and trying to find mentors for my project.

Expected Results:

After the results of the programming are analyzed, the most serious factors of a person developing asthma will be discovered. The results will allow one to know which factors to try to lessen or eliminate for patients to not develop severe asthma. If the results reveal that genetics plays the key role in one developing asthma, researches may look at creating a treatment or taking other actions to decrease one's chance in developing asthma. If the results reveal environmental stimuli mainly cause asthma, doctors may tell their patients where clean areas are to leave or how to improve the environment in which they leave.



Team members: Caitlin Armijo

Sponsoring Teacher: Anita Gerlach

Team Members:

  Caitlin Armijo

Sponsoring Teacher: Anita Gerlach