Herbaceous Vegetation Study

Team: 94


Area of Science: Botany

Interim: Interim: Problem Definition:
Russian Olives, Salt Cedars, these are common invasive species in the Galisteo river channel on the Santo Domingo Indian Reservation. They have been increasing in quantity over the number of years and the native species are dieing out, due to the competition of water between plant species. To determine the result of methods to take to get rid of the invasive species, studies are needed to be taken in sections of land and compare between places of native plants to areas of which the invasive species are overtaking the life of the native species.
The objective of this task is to create a program using Star Logo, in doing so I will create a program that will represent the model of how the Invasive species must be taken out in order to reintroduce the native species that have been competing for water for such a long time. The model will include the concepts of for every one Russian olive or Salt Cedar will grow 5 native species of some type, and increase water value for the native species to imbibe.

The first step to creating my program is I had to get an outlook perspective of the Star logo program. Then I need a little model of what will represent a machine that takes down the Russian Olives and the Salt Cedars. Then along the side will come different colors representing my native species that will be reintroduced into the Galisteo. One blue turtle will represent a water model, and green turtle will represent the native species, whereas the brown turtles will correspond to the Invasive species, and a yellow turtle representing the bulldozer that removes the invasive species.
- The first the model will contain the yellow turtles eating the red turtles (Represented as the bulldozers removing the invasive species and 5 native species are being reintroduced accompanied by for every one blue water turtle it will consist of 5 native species (that are reintroduced, meaning that there is enough water now to be provided for 5 native plants to grow once again).

Progress to Date:
Recently, I have been studying the Star Logo program. I've been organizing how my model will operate using turtles as models and how they will function as proposed to the fact that each turtle had its own function as to how it travels and functions, and what roles it serves. I've tried to get a head start on the program, but being that I hardly work with the software I need more assistants as how to set up the directions and programs of each turtle at model my project. I have been slightly noticing some difficulties with the programming because of the language, but practice is what made me better at programming my model.

Expected Results:
After programming, testing, and refining of the project I hope to achieve the following: Precise and accurate visual results in what my project contains, and what I'm trying to show. Double checking and re-reading through my programs I hope to see the accomplishments that I made of turning data collecting and research information in to a visual representation of how invasive species in the Galisteo river channel are affecting the native species growing on the Santo Domingo Indian Reservation.

Team Members:

  Eveli Abeyta

Sponsoring Teacher: Katherine Sallah