Effects of Uranium Radiation

Team: 100


Area of Science: Radioactivity


Problem Definition:

Our presentation is based upon the effects of uranium radiation in atmospheric, local, and human terms of speaking. We want to develop a sense of where uranium radiation originated, of whom it was introduced by, or where it was discovered. We have completed extensive research on the topic and have surmised several evaluations in which we plan to explain thoroughly, to an extensive length. We will use multiple programs to demonstrate a visualization of what results from the rapid spreading of uranium, radiation. How many areas are affected throughout a certain region, and the affects of different variable, and components.

Problem Solution:

Our solution to this problem is to be assertive in describing and explaining the horrific causes of many genetically mutated cells due to radiation. The purpose of the uranium radiation and its devastating proportion of taking human lives will also be explained in thorough context. A visual will be provided by interactive programs such as that of star logo depicting the vast spread of radioactivity, locally speaking of course , and further more to explain the many consequential effects such as that of expiring of many lives on an annual basis.

Progress to Date:

Our project has been constructed from certain sources regarding to the Internet. We have undergone certain evaluations in distinguishing where uranium radiation was discovered. Also we have found the some of affects that uranium radiation can have on people, and the diseases and body malfunctions that are involved. Furthermore our research covers the many areas affected; by this we are speaking the human casualties due this substance.

Expected Results:

Our results are expected to show the how the areas affected by radiation. Such as distribution among surrounding environments by misproper transportation, contamination of water sources, and the expansion of such a substance by wind factors, and currents of airborne pathogens.

Team Members:

  Michael Benally
  Andrew Shepard

Sponsoring Teacher: Vernetta Noble