Prediciting Future Crime Sites in Serial Cases

Team: 124


Area of Science: Crimininology

Interim: Problem Definition:
Predicting where a criminal might strike next, although thought to be a mythical concept with little foundation in fact, has not been attempted or delved into genuinely until now. Modern initializations of projects into this subject has led to much of the cloudiness surrounding its feasibility to clear. In attempting this project, our team is undertaking the investigation and simulation of the real-world concepts.

The goal of this project is to create a sophisticated yet fundamental program that enables the computer to deduce logically and figure out the most probable location the next crime in a serial case will happen.

The Plan Of Action:
This problem would be simulated in a grid representing a city. The authorities would enter the possible sites where the next crime would happen. Each variable in the simulation (crime site, previous crime site, police stations, etc.) would be assigned a gravity strength. (either repeling or attracting) based on their severity and/or type. The site that the criminal will most likely go after will turn red, allowing the cops to set up a watch there and catch the serial criminal. This is probably the most-

Perfect. Ingenious. Flawless. Ideal. Seamless. Precise.

Targeted. Complete. Refined. Just what the doctor ordered.

-plan ever made.

Progress So Far:
We are currently refining our mastery over the untamed Java and StarLogo languages and learning how to use their graphic capabilities.

Expected Results:
We expect to have the most accurate working program possible from the best of these languages and this idea.


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Team Members:

  Jayanta Majumdar
  Thor Johnson
  Omar Soliman
  Shaine Baldwin

Sponsoring Teacher: Hanh Nguyen