Soccer Skillz

Team: 125


Area of Science: Environmental/Sports

Interim: Problem Definition: To a soccer game the game that they play is second nature. They act naturally when they lace up their cleats and step onto the pitch. Many games have been made representing soccer but the player is control of the game. We are going to create a program that simulates a soccer game that is only controlled by the code that we have written. The plan is to create a normal soccer game under the conditions of real world environmental conditions. (Snow, rain, wind act...)

The Plan: The problem will take place on a soccer pitch represented by a grid. We will field 11 players on each side. The teams will be distinguished by two different colors. The environmental conditions will be represented by a third color. The two team colors will engage in a normal soccer game while the third color (environmental conditions) come and go at random.

Progress So Far: we are still brushing up on Java and Star Logo skillz.

Expected Results: We expect the program to engage in a normal soccer game with the environmental conditions effecting the environment they play in and the play itself. We also expect the soccer game to play under the rules of FIFA.



Team Members:

  Joseph Romero
  Bryan Haworth
  alex Takacs

Sponsoring Teacher: Hanh Nguyen