Military Robots

Team: 127


Area of Science: Computer Science

Interim: Problem Definition:
Although Military robots are being used in today's battlefield, and even in th households of many families. It is still important to up grade them so that way we came save lives of our American soldiers. The main problem is to save human lives. We could do that by sending military robots into the battlefield to make sure if it is safe enough for military forces. Also to do certain mission that a human can't do.

The goal of this project is to create a program using Starlogo, by doing this I can build a simple design of how a robot might act under or an up coming attack. I can construct a program using as many as one to 50 robots. How I would do this is set up a simple design that a robot might patrol and when he sees and unknown element then that robot well go for help or attack the intruder.

The first ting that I need to do is to set up my Starlogo, form there then I will have to build a fortress. Both an inner and an otter. Then I will do experiments that only have one robot patrolling the area and how well he does, I will give him the choice to either go for help or to attack the enemy. Then later I will add more and more, but first I will try two. One of them will go for help well the other one will attack the oncoming enemy and try and send him away. When I start using more and more number then I can start to increase the number of enemy attackers that try and get into the base. I will do this until I can use a few as possible and still sent away the enemy.

Progress to Date:
Recently, I have started programming Starlogo so that way it will do what I expect it to do, and so far I am having trouble getting the little turtles to do something. Like for example I want the enemy to at last attack something before it either sees the other turtle or hears it scream. On the other hand getting th set up of a proper fortress is necessary. I have tried using all different shapes and sizes, if it was from a circle, rectangle, or a triangle. The reason that I did this is because we don't how the exact shape or size of a standard military base.

Expected Results:
After programming, testing, and refining of the project I hope to achieve the following: first to us the least amount or turtles as possible and try and use as many enemy turtles as possible. Second, to find the right shape of a standard military base. And third to us a less amount of resource as possible.

Team Members:

  Christopher Coriz

Sponsoring Teacher: Katherine Sallah