Team: 1


Area of Science: Social Science

Abstract: What initial percentage of a population is necessary to spread a fashion trend to the entire middle school population?

 Name: Team Capshaw

Area of Science: Immunization

Project Title: Pink Shirts

In our super computer class we are modeling the spread of fashion trends in a middle school population.  This model will show how a change in the initial percentage of a trend color changes the speed of the spread of that color trend to other students.  This would be a good computer experiment because it allows students to manipulate the initial percentage of a population, imitates the real-world school environment in changing the speed of movement of students depending on the location of students, requires students to calculate averages, and has several possible extensions for students to practice programming.  We intend to learn how changing the initial population of a trend color affects the spread of that color to others.  In this project, we will research how many students in an average population tend to refuse to conform to dress code rules, and we will observe and collect data. We will model the spread of a trend by performing trials, averaging the results, and graphing our averages.  Other variables/extensions of this project will allow students to change other factors in the spread of the trend, such a setting all initial percentages of color, changing speed of the tested color agents, or changing the environment (advertising) to affect the spread of the trend.  To model our project we will use a computer program to test and calculate the average time it takes to spread a trend, given a set initial percentage of students following the trend. 

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