Supercomputing Challenge

Expo Schedule

For Monday Morning, April 23rd

 TIME TABLE   TEAM           Expo Judges 

 8:30   A  Alamogordo    6, Ashton, Gupta, Laub, Yanke
        C  Artesia      14, Bouquin, Hayes, Malone, Wootton
        E  Artesia      15, Brown, Henderson, McKerley, Mr. Burch
        G  Artesia      16, Budge, Hill, Mendius, Janz
        I  Bloomfield   19, Ms. Burch, Janecky, O'Shea
           Las Cruces   44, FINALIST, presenting at 8:00 in the University House
        K  Las Cruces   45, Daniel, Jones, Overfelt
        M  Las Cruces   48, DeBenedictis, Johnston, Rangel
        O  Las Cruces   49, Guclu, Kinley, Pedicini
           Silver      102, Guerin, Lam, Thorp, Olguin   NOT COMING

 9:00   B  Melrose      64, Ashton, Hayes, McKerley, Malone
        D  Melrose      66, Bouquin, Henderson, O'Shea, Gupta
        F  Melrose      67, Brown, Hill, Mendius
        H  Melrose      68, Budge, Janecky, Olguin
        J  Melrose      69, Ms. Burch, Janz, Overfelt
        L  Melrose      71, Mr. Burch, Johnston, Thorp
        N  Navajo Prep  72, Daniel, Kinley, Rangel
        P  Navajo Prep  75, DeBenedictis, Jones, Pedicini
        R  Navajo Prep  77, Guclu, Lam, Wootton
        T  McCurdy      62, Guerin, Laub, Yanke

9:30    A  Onate        82, Ms. Burch, Jones, Rangel, Brown
        C  Onate        83, Mr. Burch, Mendius, O'Shea, Budge
        E  Socorro     103, Daniel, Janz, Thorp, Hayes
        G  Socorro     104, DeBenedictis, Kinley, Olguin, Laub
        I  Socorro     105, Guclu, Johnston, Overfelt, Wooton
        K  Acad T&C      1, Gupta, Lam, Pedicini, Hill
        M  LAMS         56, Guerin, Henderson, Ashton, Malone
        S  McCurdy      63, Janecky, McKerley, Yanke, Bouquin

10:00   B  Capshaw      26, Guerin, McKerley, Yanke, Johnston
        D  Capshaw      28, Gupta, Malone, Ashton, Thorp
        F  Los Alamos   50, Guclu, Laub, Wootton, Lam
           Los Alamos   51, FINALIST, presenting at 8:45 in the University House
           Los Alamos   52, FINALIST, presenting at 9:30 in the University House
        H  Los Alamos   53, Hayes, Mendius, Brown, Kinley
        J  Monte delSol 37, Henderson, Olguin, Budge
        L  Santa Fe IS  96, Hill, O'Shea, Bouquin
        N  Santa Fe IS  97, Janecky, Overfelt, Ms. Burch
        P  Santa Fe IS  98, Janz, Pedicini, Mr. Burch
        R  Las Vegas   106, Jones, Rangel, Daniel, DeBenedictis

10:30      Alb Acad      7, FINALIST, presenting at 11:00 in the University House
        A  Alb Acad      8, Hayes, McKerley, Bouquin, Guclu, Gupta
        C  Alb Acad      9, Henderson, Mendius, Mr. Burch, Malone
        E  Alb Acad     10, Hill, Olguin, Brown, Yanke
        G  Alb Acad     11, Janecky, O'Shea, Ashton, Ms. Burch
        I  Bosque       21, Janz, Overfelt, Daniel
        K  Bosque       22, Johnston, Thorp, Laub
        M  Bosque       23, Jones, Pedicini, Budge
        O  Bosque       24, Kinley, Wooton, Guerin
        Q  Bosque       25, Lam, Rangel, DeBenedictis
11:00      Eldor/Manza  32, FINALIST, presenting at 11:45 in the University House
           Highland     36, Bouquin, DeBenedictis, Guclu, Yanke, Laub    NOT COMING
           Pius/Manz/HS 38, FINALIST, presenting at 10:15 in the University House
        D  Jackson      40, Ms. Burch, Henderson, Hill, Ashton
        F  Jackson      41, Daniel, Janecky, Janz, Budge, Lam
        H  Jackson      42, Johnston, Jones, Kinley, Mr. Burch
        J  Manzano      60, Olguin, Malone, McKerley, Hayes
        L  Rio Rancho   84, Pedicini, O'Shea, Overfelt, Brown, Guerin
        N  Rio Rancho   85, Wootton, Rangel, Thorp, Gupta, Mendius

11:30   A  Rio Rancho   87, Wootton, Brown, Guclu, Hayes, O'Shea
        C  Rio Rancho   88, Pedicini, DeBenedictis, Hill, Kinley
        E  Rio RanchoMH 91, Olguin, Gupta, Janz, Laub, Mr. Burch
        G  Sandia Prep  93, Mendius, Henderson, McKerley, Overfelt
        I  Sandia Prep  94, Johnston, Janecky, Thorp, Brown, Guerin
        K  Sandia Prep  95, Daniel, Jones, Budge, Yanke, Ashton
        M  Lovington    57, Ms. Burch, Lam, Malone, Bouquin

12:00 Judges caucus

12:45 Expo Judges announce another four or so finalist teams

These presentations will be in the first floor and basement of the Library below the Study Center of the Research Library at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. After their presentations, teams will set up their posters in the North Gallery of the Study Center and form groups to be able to take tours of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

For questions about the Supercomputing Challenge, a 501(c)3 organization, contact us at: consult @

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