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Interims Submitted (sorted by school,team)

Teams have until December 15th to refine their projects for the submittal of the Interim Report and subsequent participation.

Each team must submit a report online that describes the project, tells about the progress to date, and states the expected results of the work.

Total Number of Interims: 79
School    Team    Project Title
ACADEMY FOR TECH & CLASSICS    1    Predicting Wild Fires
ACADEMY FOR TECH & CLASSICS    5    Breast Cancer Awareness in New Mexico
ALAMOGORDO HIGH    6    A Pandemic: Avian (bird) Flu
ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY    7    Deriving Ramsey Numbers
ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY    8    Circadian Rhythms
ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY    9    Twelve Men's Morris
ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY    10    Artificial Eye
ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY    11    Asteroids
ALTA VISTA MID    13    Zero Gravity Entertainment
ARTESIA HIGH    14    DNA: Duchenne's Not Allowed
ARTESIA HIGH    15    Emergency Egress
ARTESIA HIGH    16    The RSAmazing Algorithm
BLOOMFIELD HIGH    19    The Endangered Navajo Language
BOSQUE SCHOOL    21    Modeling the Efficiency of Alternative Resources
BOSQUE SCHOOL    22    Dangerous drivers
BOSQUE SCHOOL    23    Modelling a Caste Society
BOSQUE SCHOOL    24    Cell growth
BOSQUE SCHOOL    25    Hydrothermal Extremophiles
CAPSHAW MID    26    we find Black holes based on the movement they cau
CAPSHAW MID    28    The Mystery Behind the Addiction to Cigarettes
ESPANOLA VALLEY HIGH    33    Global Warming, a Global Warning
FREEDOM HIGH    35    Pharmaceutical Breakdown
HIGHLAND HIGH    36    Chemical warfare
HOME SCHOOL    37    Nature Versus Nurture
HOMESCHOOL, MANZANO, PIUS    38    Optimizing Trajectories
JACKSON MIDDLE SCHOOL    39    Sickle Cell Anemia
JACKSON MIDDLE SCHOOL    40    Baseball With Degrees
JACKSON MIDDLE SCHOOL    41    Pit Bull Adoption
JACKSON MIDDLE SCHOOL    42    about that backpack
LAS CRUCES HIGH    44    Project SIAN
LAS CRUCES HIGH    45    Erosion Model
LAS CRUCES HIGH    48    The Mind Project
LAS VEGAS HOME SCHOOL    106    Storming the Industry: The Effect of Fun Additives
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    50    Social Model for Predicting Economic Trends
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    51    Compressible Fluid Dynamics
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    52    E.coli in Hostile Environments
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    53    Internet Weakness Analysis
LOS ALAMOS HIGH    54    Earthquakes
LOS ALAMOS MID    56    Achoo! Modeling the Spread of the Flu
LOVINGTON HIGH    57    HIV Exposer on Campus
MANZANO HIGH    32    Don't Tump Over: A Heuristic Cargo Hold Model
MANZANO HIGH    59    A 3-Dimensional Mesh Viewer
MANZANO HIGH    60    Game Theory Applied to a Hostage Crisis
MANZANO HIGH    61    AC/DC: Powering a Lunar Base
MCCURDY HIGH    62    Awash: Modeling Wave Movement in a Ripple Tank
MCCURDY HIGH    63    The Underlying Mathematics of the Enigma
MELROSE HIGH    64    Fruit Flies
MELROSE HIGH    66    Nuclear Explosions
MELROSE HIGH    67    Insect-O-Rama
MELROSE HIGH    68    Agri-Terrorism
MELROSE HIGH    69    Bzzzzzzzzz
MELROSE HIGH    71    Prairie Dawgs
NAVAJO PREPARATORY    70    Code Diabetes
NAVAJO PREPARATORY    72    Operation “Don’t Litter”
NAVAJO PREPARATORY    77    A cleaner life
ONATE HIGH    82    Genetic Relationship of Endangered Species
ONATE HIGH    83    Monsoon Rains in the Southwestern U.S.
RIO RANCHO HIGH    84    Expanding upon the Elliptical Fire Theory
RIO RANCHO HIGH    85    The Spread of Avian Bird Flu through birds
RIO RANCHO HIGH    86    The Human Bone
RIO RANCHO HIGH    87    forest fires
RIO RANCHO MID-HIGH    91    Modeling Ion Propulsion for Direct Spacecraft Prop
ROBERTSON HIGH    92    Growth or Decline of the Unemployment Rate
SANDIA PREPARATORY    93    Optimized Flight Efficiency with FEM Analysis
SANDIA PREPARATORY    94    Examining the Evolution of Social Behaviors
SANTA FE INDIAN SCHOOL    96    Project Title: How are the 19 Pueblos Affected by
SANTA FE INDIAN SCHOOL    97    Diabetes Within Two Pueblos
SANTA FE INDIAN SCHOOL    98    A Hazard Situation During a Fire Evacuation
SANTA FE INDIAN SCHOOL    99    Water Conservation in Cochiti Pueblo
SHIPROCK HIGH    100    Uranium: Silent Killer
SHIPROCK HIGH    101    Lasting Effects of Drinking (FAS)
SILVER HIGH    102    Dynamic Wave Modeling Through Manipulation of Inde
SOCORRO HIGH    103    Modeling Future Crime
SOCORRO HIGH    104    Affect of Glacial Melt-Rates
SOCORRO HIGH    105    The Solar Energy Containment Plant

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