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Supercomputing Challenge

Lasting Effects of Drinking (FAS)

Team: 101


Area of Science: Medicine And Health

Interim: Definition of the Problem:

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a birth defect that may include physical abnormalities and a possible combination of mental defects to a new born infant. This is caused by the mothers’ consumption of alcoholic beverages while pregnant. The unborn infant is most vulnerable when the mother consumes alcohol as they are a few weeks into development inside the womb. But, this is also when the unsuspected mother is unaware of being pregnant and more susceptible to consume alcohol. As the embryo is developing it absorbs surrounding nutrients to develop. But if the embryo is collecting nutrients from an inebriated mother it greatly inhibits the infant’s physical and mental development.

Problem Solution:

Utilizing the program StarLogo we will construct a model based on the information on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. We will have a controlled set of dependent variables that will be the female and male turtle patches. The independent variables will be the infants who are born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and collect data based on this information. We will also input human behavior and buildings that influence their behavior of being educated to avoid drinking or to being subjected to alcohol.

Progress to Date:

We have done research on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the human behavior. This research included a personal interview with Helen Walters to better understand where Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is most common.

Expected Results:

In our program we expect to see Fetal Alcohol Syndrome most common in communities that are in poverty. As we place more education centers and locations that offer birth methods we hypothesize the number of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome to decrease. We expected to see the number of infected to have decrease with an increase in more educational centers and other different variables that would contribute to less consumption of alcohol.


Walters, Helen. Personal Interview. 12/13/06.

Wong, Donna. Essentials of Pediatric Nursing Fourth Edition.
Washington D.C.: Mosby, 1993.

Team Sponsors: Vernetta Noble

Team Members: Andrew Yazzie, Lilah Weldon, Brianna John, Polito Walters

Team Members:

  Polito Walters
  Andrew Yazzie
  Lilah Weldon
  Brianna John

Sponsoring Teacher: Vernetta Noble

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