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Supercomputing Challenge

The Solar Energy Containment Plant

Team: 105


Area of Science: Engineering

Interim: Problem Definition:
Scientists have been unable to discover how to store solar energy efficiently for long periods of time. My goal is to build a model which would show my plant, its inner workings, and how it would power the city of Socorro.

Solar Energy as you know, comes down in photons and is taken through a solar panel to the main switchboard where it then goes to the AC-DC power converters which convert it to electricity. Solar Energy is a very clean way to get efficient energy to power our homes without wasting precious fossil fuels. If we continue our waste of fossil fuels it is estimated we will run out in eighty years or so.
Problem Solution:
I plan to build a model which will go through the delicate process of solar energy gathering, show how the photons are stored when we are not recieving the suns rays, and how many solar panels it takes to power the city of Socorro. I will discover the efficient way to do so, then instate that idea in the model and test my method to see if it works or does not.
Progress To Date:
I have researched different types of solar panels, looked at the photovoltaic power cell, studied the innards of a microwave to find out if my original method will accomplish its selected goals. I have emailed the manager of our Electic Company to discover how many Kilowatts Socorro uses a day to be able to have enough solar panels. I have contacted Engineers asking about solar panels and have collected enough information to began programming my model.
Expected Results:
After building my model and running the program several times I expect to find whether or not we can store and use solar energy to power an entire city. If my first idea does not work which it should, I will find another way to capture solar energy and put it to work for us.
Socorro Electric Cooperative
Mr. Leopoldo Pineda, Jr

Team Members:

  Malcolm Montgomery

Sponsoring Teacher: Bala Settu

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