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Supercomputing Challenge

Dangerous drivers

Team: 22


Area of Science: civil enginering

Interim: Team Number= 22
School Name= Bosque School
Area of Science= Civil engineering/ Simulator
Project Title Dangerous Drivers

Problem Definition:
We are going to simulate 3 different intersections using StarLogo. We have a agent based random based driving program. The cars generally obey basic traffic laws but sometimes they mess up just like in real life.
Problem solution:
We will do a agent base molding with star logo we will have is so each turtle drives as if they are real car. There is a stoplight that makes cars go and stop. Also we will have different ages which will be represented by color. The cars can choose to obey or not because of the probability engine. Each color turtle will act different according to the color because each color will be a different age. Also we will have three different road types so we will can figure out which road type is safer we might add weather if we have time. This simulator will show what is the best road.
Progress Data:
So far we have most of the program done. We have one of the roads done and the turtle can drive on it and we got the different colors to act different. We do have some problems with what to do with the crashed turtles. We had some problems with getting our program to load so we started over. We also had a talk with Jim Hicks who works in city planning, and can help us to get the information on highways.

Expected results:
The results that we expect is that when we use this program, that the elderly people will crash more, and so will the teenagers. We also expect that the places were one can turn right any time will have more crashes, than those were it is right on green.

Team Members:

  Calin Popa
  Jeremy Adkins
  Reed Sanchez

Sponsoring Teacher: Thomas Allen

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