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Supercomputing Challenge

Hydrothermal Extremophiles

Team: 25


Area of Science: Microbiology

Interim: Team number: 025
School Name: Bosque School
Area of Science: Micro Biology
Project Title: Hydrothermal Extremophiles

Problem Definition:
This year we have decided to focus on accurately modeling extremophiles. We have focused on the hydrothermal extremophiles. They live in extremely hot temperatures under water. Our code will represent their reproduction. Our research will fill in information about how they are living there. These variables will be placed into our coding.
Our goal is to have an accurately working model by the time the final reports are due. This model will accurately represent hydrothermal extremophiles and there growth.

Problem Solution:
We plan to accurately model our information, and find a deeper understanding of why and how these bacteria live where they do. We would like to be able to verify our model to the real life situation. We want our growth rate to match that of the real thing.

Progress to Date:
We have a working code that is in need of tweaking. Our research is still catching up to the progress of our coding. But our research consists of web sites, books, and the knowledge of biologists. We have found at least two mentors willing to help us. One of our mentors is helping us with starlogo coding, and the other is a biologist who is pointing us in the right direction for our information on extremophiles.

Expected Results:
We expect to have a fully developed working code that represents how a hydrothermal extremophile lives. With the research backing it up and say why it lives as well.

Team members: David Goodrich, Boe Watters
Sponsoring Teacher: Tom Allen

Team Members:

  Boe Watters
  David Goodrich

Sponsoring Teacher: Thomas Allen

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