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Supercomputing Challenge

we find Black holes based on the movement they cau

Team: 26


Area of Science: Space

Interim: Team Number: 1115
School Name: Capshaw Middle School
Area of Science: Space
Project Title: Can we find Black holes based on the movement they cause on the surrounding celestial bodies?
Problem Definition:
Black holes, Black holes are the evolutionary endpoints of stars at least 10 to 15 times as massive as the Sun. Black holes are formed when a big star burns up and reaches supernova and has a supernova explosion, it leaves a remnant and after a while the remnant collapses on itself and creates a Black hole. Scientists and people watch TV and see Hollywood’s idea of Black holes and believe them. Scientists want to really find out the true facts about Black holes and want to give people the true facts of Black holes. In Hollywood they portray Black holes to be time traveling devices that suck up everything in sight. The true fact about Black holes is that the Black holes are just the end point of massive stars, people die and stars turn in to Black holes. The program that we look to create with this topic will be on Star Logo. We wish to create a program that will show people how to locate a black hole when you cant see it. The computer will help us make educated guesses that we can base on our project. This will enable us to see if our speculations are supported, or at least agree with the computer.
Problem Solution:
Our environment will be based on outer space. We will put the celestial bodies that are in outer space like the planets and the stars. We will put different types of bodies so that the masses are up to date. If the masses are all the same it wouldn’t be like real life.
Progress To Date:
Our team has not been able to get started on our Star Logo model because our school does not allow us to download the program. Besides that we have started on our power point to put on our poster. The power point is also for our power point presentation for when we enter the paper competition in Las Vegas New Mexico. We have already submitted our project proposal and that is a go. We have also come up with ideas of what to do with our project on Star Logo. We as a team have discussed and come to an agreement that we like this idea.
Expected Results:
At the end of the year and all of our work is done for the challenge we believe that the project will show what we want it to show. The project canvass will be based on outer space. We plan on the project to show that you can in fact find a black hole without seeing it. We plan on the celestial bodies around it moving into the hole and by pinpointing where all the bodies land we can pinpoint the black hole.

Team Members: Larry Burney, Andres Gonzales, Gregory Romero, Nicholas Howard.
Sponsoring Teacher: Ms. Monese

Team Members:

  Larry Burney
  Nicholas Howard
  Gregory Romero
  Andres gonzales

Sponsoring Teacher: Makoena Monese

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