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Supercomputing Challenge

Chemical warfare

Team: 36


Area of Science: Environmental Science

Interim: Problem Definition:

Chemical warfare is involved by using harmful chemicals of toxic properties to kill, injure or incapacitate an enemy. About 70 different chemicals have been used or stockpiled as Chemical Weapons (CW) agents during the 20th century. Chemical weapons are classified as weapons of mass destruction by the U.N.

The goal of our project is to create a simulation of a chemical weapon being released in a town or a city and see how wind and air currents carry the chemicals and affect nearby towns and cities. We plan on creating the simulation on Java. We also want to create a solution if a chemical weapon did been released how will we isolate the harmful chemicals.

Problem Solution:

Our team will simulate a chemical weapon release and add wind current and air flow into the simulation to see how much the chemical will be dispensed from the initial point of release. We will then analyze how much coverage and distance mile per hour of wind speed will have an affect on the traveling of chemicals.

Progress to Date:

So far we are still researching what kind of situation we should model this in. By putting the chemical fallout in a terrorist situation we can end up with a more realistic real world problem. This model will involve real world weather status and realistic chemical spread.

Expected Results:
The end result will be a 3D model showing a chemical spread, We will first concentrate on a model of a village then expand to a small city then a metropolis. We will also add the details of wind currents and airflow in the atmosphere. Our team will then try to create a way to isolate the spread and prevent nearby cities or towns from being harmed.

Team Members:
Jimmy Chaleunphonh
Ryan Castillo
Ryan Leonski
Yendy Velazquez
Joel Brandon

Sponsoring Teacher:
Ms. Holister
Dene Hagen

Team Members:

  ryan leonski
  Yendy Velazquez
  Jimmy Chaleunphonh
  ryan castillo
  Joel Brandon

Sponsoring Teacher: Dene Hagen

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