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Supercomputing Challenge

Pit Bull Adoption

Team: 41


Area of Science: Zoology/social science

Interim: Problem Definition:
There is great animosity towards pit bulls, mostly caused by the fact that they are taken advantage of in their environment. In most cases, it is not the fault of the actual animal; it is the fault of the irresponsible owner who has mistreated the dog, often used as fighting dogs. These dogs are not monsters, they're simply misunderstood.

Problem Solution:
We believe that if we are able to change more people’s opinions about pit bulls, less pit bulls will be in shelters and more will have loving homes. We think this because in a survey we took we found that 70% of people looking for animals at the shelter have animosity towards pit bulls, and that 80% of people would not adopt pit bulls, and if less people had this sort of outlook, less people would be opposed to adopting a pit bull. We plan to do further research and take more surveys of people in different facilities to further our knowledge of people and pit bull interactions.

Progress to Date:
We have so far studied pit bull behavior in shelters and on the internet. We have studied with Irene Lee learning to program StarLogo. We don’t have a complete grasp on the StarLogo program yet, but we’re working on that. We have also visited with a large number of people at a shelter. We plan on visiting more shelters in the near future.

Expected Results:
We would like to expect that more pit bulls will be adopted out of shelters. However, we are realistic about the problem and realize that it would take years to change the opinion and attitude of so many people on something they have been conditioned to believe over many years and generations of propaganda.

Team Members: Ellie Coonce, Becca Burke, Maggie Arellano, Amber Lucero

Sponsoring Teacher: Karen Glennon

Mentor: Irene Lee

Team Members:

  Ellie Coonce
  Becca Burke
  Lillia Arellano
  Venessa Lucero

Sponsoring Teacher: Karen Glennon

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