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Supercomputing Challenge

about that backpack

Team: 42


Area of Science: medicine and health

Interim: Project Definition:
We are trying to figure out how to keep objects from getting crushed in backpacks. If things get crushed that means schools are gives too many text books and that affects our backs and growth of our bodies and puts strain on our back. We are going to put items
such as a watch, toy cars, headphones, etc. in our backpacks and check them at the end of every day. When we pull them out, we will note which ones are crushed by the books we carry for our classes.

Project Solution:
To figure out if teachers are giving to many books and to help think of ways to solve the problem, by testing different ways to have everything for class without the books. Here is some make books for different parts of the year so you don’t have to carry one big book around, have a class set.

Progress to Date:
We started by placing a bottle cap in a backpack with various items such as a portable radio, pencil sharpener, and a toy car. Each of these items will be tested individually with a number of books to see what gets crushed and what stands up to the number of books by staying in tact.

Expected Results:
After we’re done and we show this to teachers we hope after a period of time teachers will look at our project, and take some of our ideas.

Team Members: Jay Miller, Briceson Giaquinto

Sponsor Teacher: Mrs. Glennon

Mentor: Irene Lee

Team Members:

  jay miller
  Briceson Giaquinto

Sponsoring Teacher: Karen Glennon

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