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Supercomputing Challenge

HIV Exposer on Campus

Team: 57


Area of Science: disease

Interim: Definition:

HIV infections in a High School: The Human Immunodeficiency Virus - is a virus that kills your body’s "CD4 cells." CD4 cells (also called T-helper cells). These cells help your body fight off infection and disease. HIV can be passed from person to person if someone with HIV has sex with or shares drug injection needles with another person.

Plan to solve problem:

Our group is trying to determine that if one student in Lovington High School were infected with HIV how many students at the end of one school year would be exposed with the virus through sexual contact. By studying the results on Star Logo, we will be able to figure out how many students at LHS will become exposed to the virus.
In reality you cannot solve the problem of HIV for it is an incurable disease. Through out the school year we are going to show the exposure of the disease through sexual contact. We will use Star Logo to show how much exposure of the disease increases in one school year from a single HIV case.
By having unprotected sex- sex without a condom- with someone who has HIV, the virus can be in an infected person’s blood, semen, or vaginal secretions and can enter your body through tiny cuts or sores in your skin, or in the lining of your vagina, penis, rectum, or mouth.


Our team has begun to research the topic on the HIV virus. We have visited many websites to obtain our knowledge on this subject. Our main point of contact is the Centers for Disease Control. Now that we have finished our research on HIV and the effects it has in a High School, our next step is to plug all of our researched data into Star Logo.

Results we expect:

We expect a single HIV case to spread rapidly throughout the student body of LHS by coming into contact with the first infected student. The exposures throughout the year with this student and his/her partners will increase substantially from one case to multiple.


Team Members:

Kimberly Madrid
Ashley Spivey
Jeremy Marquez
Lisa Bartlett
Ty McCoy
Bryan Hanks

Team Members:

  bryan hanks
  Kimberly Madrid
  Jeremy Marquez
  ashley spivey
  Ty McCrory
  Lisa Bartlett

Sponsoring Teacher: Jimmy Crawford

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