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Supercomputing Challenge

A 3-Dimensional Mesh Viewer

Team: 59


Area of Science: Computer Graphics

Interim: Team Number: 059
School Name: Manzano High School
Area of Science: Computer Graphics
Project Title: A 3D Mesh Viewer

Problem Definition
3D meshes have been used for many years now but no one has made a program to modify the points and measure the volume/surface area. Meshes can be generated but not modified. Team 59 is designing a program to modify the points on a mesh in a 3D work zone. The user will input a file filled with coordinates of points on a 3D object and the program will take those coordinates and make a 3D render of the mesh. The user will be able to drag points on the mesh and make various calculations of the mesh.

Problem Solution
Using C++ aided with the OpenGL graphics system, we will create a program that renders the mesh and allows the user to rotate, measure, and modify the mesh in a real time environment. With OpenGL our program will run quickly and efficiently.

Progress to Date
Unfortunately, progress on the project itself has not begun but all of the members of team 59 have begun to learn basic OpenGL and its 3D commands. We plan on getting ahead quickly as we are all quick learners.

Expected Results
We expect our program to do everything we planned on it doing but we are a bit behind the rest of the teams so a feature or two may have to be cut out.

Team Members: John Tyler, Chen Zhao, Minh Phung, Johnathan Fisher
Sponsoring Teacher: Steve Schum

Team Members:

  Minh Phung
  Johnathan Fisher
  Chen Zhao
  John Tyler

Sponsoring Teacher: Stephen Schum

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